Photography Rocks! Why Photography Is Such A Terrific Hobby


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It’s a simple question. Why am I taking pictures? What’s so unique concerning photography compared to various other aesthetic art types?

I’m not composing this to offer you a solution, however I’m sharing why I enjoy what photography does for me and also why I assume it’s such a terrific pastime to integrate right into my life, which additionally resulted to me starting a photography blog website.

Why Photography Way A Great Deal To Me

As I share my individual reasons to these concerns as well as I would love to encourage you to include yours in the commenting section too. Do not hesitate to add a web link to your blog site or gallery for everyone to appreciate as well.

Photography Loads A Requirement

I believe most of us picked up a cam at a very young age, no matter how simple or standard that electronic camera might have been. My very first camera was a Canon Snappy 50 offered to me by my mama when I was 8. I think it was because of the 84 Olympics ads that I saw in the magazines that maintained advertising this video camera. It’s unusually long structure and that little orange tab to make the flash fire were crowning achievement for an 8-yo! I desired the star-spangled variation but that was unavailable in Asia back then.

Anyhow, my mother was a shutter bug, not in a technological or imaginative sense, nonetheless.

Like a lot of mothers, she breaks every little thing and also documents every little humiliating remarkable moment my sister and I experience. It was like a diary for her, and she ended up having suitcases of image prints arranged in plastic bags and also Dymo labels (keep in mind those? Damn I’m dating myself excessive below!).

Quick onward to my grade school and senior high school years, my video camera journeys circled taking pictures of good friends, skate boarding antics, as well as fighting style events. In university, the acquisition of an appropriate SLR opened the floodgate of equipment desire as well as even more significant stages of photography.

Now that I’m a daddy, my electronic camera’s work returned to what my mother used to do, documenting my boy’s experiences. My boy’s day-to-day picture diary started 4 years ago and also I’m still doing it currently. I desired I was able to start the day-to-day photo project previously, yet at the very least I took enough images of him since birth that my collection can still be taken into consideration ‘full’.

Photography likewise fills up a lot of less individual requirements for me. From taking pictures for my companies, gaining opportunities through paid photography solutions, and even beginning my online blog writing journey (this website!). I wouldn’t have experienced those points if it had not been due to photography.


Many feel that photography isn’t an art nor must it be entitled to as much interest as paintings due to the fact that it’s relatively very easy to enter into photography. While I do agree to a certain level, there are several aspects the naysayers fail to realize too.

Anybody with an image-capturing tool can start with photography, that makes it enjoyable as well as individual for every person. Yes, you do not need ability to take images, however unless your goal was to make photography your art tool, there’s nothing wrong with simply breaking pictures without any problem on formalities neither aesthetic appeals.

I do not think there’ll be lots of people out there strolling into an art store buying a collection of paint brushes and also start painting out of convenience or impulse. I have actually yet to see a major headline news minute being drawn or painted either, it’s just not an immediate way to communicate contrasted to photography. Ever asked yourself why it’s easier to discover a cam available than a collection of art brush?

I appreciate a great sketch or painting as long as anybody, however, for a person like me who has no skill in paint or illustration, there’s a big, unseen wall surface preventing me from attaching to any kind of paint musician.

A photo, on the various other hand, permits me to imagine as if I’m seeing the place via the eyes of the photographer (I hate that saying, yet there’s no better phrase).

With digital photography, the instant comments links us also faster. Camera phones, remote uploads, social media sites sharing all enables us to see the world as it happens – yes, even if there’s no skill involved!

The Gadgets Are Fun

Just like any type of leisure activity, the success, growth as well as durability depends significantly with its bankability.

The innovation focusing on photography is highly addictive and also the method brand names play right into individuals’s minds created both amusing problems and insipirational friendship. The straightforward reality that most of the items aren’t that various however they are marketed in such a way that just subjective contrasts can be made these days enables photography to be a limitless source of dispute, which by itself is entertaining and focus grabbing already.

Film cameras in the past reach enjoy a life process of concerning 2-3 years per design. Now in the digital world, even the highest possible models just get 18 months of life prior to being supplanted by a new model. Beginning cams won’t also last a year prior to they’re due for replacement.

New technologies bring out new requirements for added devices and devices, and for most of us tailor heads, we’re greater than happy to assist the economic climate as well as feed that gear desire of ours.